Ramiz Raja Shamelessly Accepted Indian Supermacy, Don’t Make Him PCB Head: Former Pakistan Cricketer

Ramiz Raja

Former Pakistan pacer Sarfraz Nawaz has expressed his opposition to making Ramiz Raja the new PCB Chairman in a letter to Imran Khan, Pakistan‘s Prime Minister and PCB’s patron in chief, who will nominate two names to the board for the coveted post in the next few days.

In the recent days, it has been reported that Imran Khan is titled towards nominating Ramiz Raja as one of the two names.

Nawaz wrote a letter to the Prime Minister claiming that Ramiz Raja’s “mind set” is against Pakitan and that he has spoken in favour of arch-rivals and neighbours, India.

Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja (Image Credit: Twitter)

As reported by Dawn, Sarfraz Nawaz wrote in a letter, “Reports are circulating in the media that with your approval, it has been decided to replace Ehsan Mani with Ramiz Raja as the chairman PCB. In this regard, there is no doubt that as Patron in Chief of the PCB, you have a right to appoint anyone as the Chairman PCB.” 

“While deciding about any person, the Patron of the national institution must also be aware about what [sort of] mind set Ramiz Raja has and that he has previously uttered highly derogatory remarks against Pakistan in recent past, while speaking in favour of India, Sarfraz said.

Ramiz Raja has surrendered before the Indian Hegemonist plan to rule the cricketing world: Sarfraz Nawaz

Sarfraz Nawaz, who played over 100 internationals between 1969 and 1984, underpinned his case further by stating that Raja has already succumbed to the Indian power in the ICC.

Nawaz also requested the former captain to nominate either Zaheer Abbas or Majid Khan as the next chairman of PCB.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan. Image Credits: Twitter

“If the news about your approval for appointment of Ramiz Raja as next chairman PCB is true, who blatantly and shamelessly advised Pakistan to become shameless by accepting the Indian supremacy and domination in the ICC [vehemently opposed by many renowned Pakistanis] and so much so that he [Ramiz] said that we should leave aside Pakistan in surrendering before the Indian hegemonist plan to rule the cricketing world through monopoly in the ICC,” the letter further said.

“Although, you are the best judge of your decisions, but in my humble opinion highly respectable legend Majid Khan who in the past had excellent relations with all ICC board members, or Zaheer Abbas [ex-ICC president] may be appointed the next chairman of the PCB instead of Ramiz since his appointment will be against the national sentiments and also severely hurting the patriotic feelings of the entire nation,” he added.

Ramiz Raja, now a renowned commentator, has featured in over 250 international matches for Pakistan.

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