South Australian Players Under Investigation Following Alleged Breach Of Bio-Bubble

South Australia

The South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) has released a statement that indicates that their players were allegedly caught red-handed breaching the bio-bubble. Some of them were evicted from a nightclub where the players were allegedly dancing.

Following the conclusion of the Sheffield Shield match between South Australia (SA) and Queensland, the players of SA left for the Cry Baby nightclub on Tuesday morning. As many as ten players were asked to exit the nightclub on grounds of misbehavior. There is no formal complaint but the SACA asserted that it will investigate the matter.

South Australia

SACA has been made aware of an allegation that several Redback players were asked to leave a city venue following concerns about their behavior. While SACA has not received a formal complaint from any party, the details and circumstances surrounding the allegations are currently being investigated,” the statement read.

“We are committed to maintaining highest standards of behavior” – South Australia Cricket Association

The board further mentioned that the alleged deplorable behavior cannot be tolerated as they adhere to maintaining high standards. Since dancing is banned in South Australian venues, the issue could turn out to be quite serious.

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As an organization, SACA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behavior both on and off the field and expects all its personnel to adhere to current Covid-19 restrictions in the interest of community safety,” the statement further read.

The South Australian side is scheduled to play against Western Australia on October 25 at the Perth Stadium.

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