T20 World Cup: Oman Cricket unveils ‘HayyaCricket’ as its T20 WC Anthem

Oman Cricket Team

Oman, has marked its spot in the world of cricket as the country is co-hosting one of the biggest events in the region – The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021. For the Sultanate, this is a landmark event as it signals the move from being an associate nation to an established force to be reckoned with, on the global cricketing stage. To welcome the cricketing world to Oman and showcase the pride that is reverberating through the nation, Oman Cricket has released #HayyaCricket, an exhilaration anthem that spans the length and breadth of the nation.
Commemorating the multicultural milieu, the anthem is an echo of the emerging passion Omanis hold for the sport and the pride they feel at cementing their position in the cricketing world. It reflects the joyful welcome of a nation that is poised and ready to make its mark by hosting an event that unites countries and transcends beliefs, borders and boundaries. The ‘HayyaCricket’ anthem holds bundled emotions in a visually evocative 90 seconds that whips up an unrivalled frenzy across borders, generations, and languages. It showcases the length and breadth of the nation and portrays an unaltered vision for Oman in the world of cricket.
T20 World Cup- Oman Cricket unveils anthem: A true homage to the Sultanate of Oman, ‘HayyaCricket’ has been released in English, Hindi and Arabic; the language of its people, an incantation that rouses hearts and the very spirit of the game.
On the launch of the song, Producer Harsh Pandya commented, “This project was an education on how to turnaround an international project within a week and make sure all stateholders get what they’re expecting. There’s no way this is possible without every member going above and beyond.”
Director Aadheeraj Krishan says, “This is not just a film for us. It is an audio-visual love letter to the game of Cricket. It is rousing anthem to get the world on its feet and congratulate Oman for hosting the T20 tournament.”

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